My interior design services will be custom tailored to your specific needs, to ensure you get the perfect outcome.

Take the time to browse my full range of services below and find the one that meets your needs.

Interior Design

My design concept is simple: a home should be stylish, functional and a comfortable space for you to enjoy. It should be filled with objects and accessories that create a unique atmosphere for you.

Home Staging

I assist customers in preparing their homes or rental properties for the property market by professionally dressing and presenting it to increase interest and to help maximise the financial return.

New Builds

Deciding to build a new home is a big step. I help customers on this journey by designing modern, comfortable and functional spaces so that new builds can quickly evolve into cherished and well-loved homes.


Are you thinking about renovating your home, or are you in the process of having it renovated? If you have fears about making Interior Design decisions I can work with you.

Colour Consultations

I provide colour consultations for spaces, furniture and decoration in your home or office. I have studied colour psychology so I know what works!

Commercial Projects

My designs are conceived with your end-purposes in mind. I work with you at every stage of this commercial project to ensure the facelift you desire for this space is achieved while working to your budget.

Biophilic Design

I have an emerging speciality in biophilic design. This is an interior design philosophy which i use in order to bring more of the outside world in, ensuring a higher level of well being for those people using that space in their home or office.
Biophilic design is increasingly being used both commercially and domestically to positively influencing occupant wellbeing.
By combining nature, sustainability and wellness as the essence of biophilic design.

What is biophilic design concept

The elements of biophilic design within this emerging area of interior design is that it covers elements that have both a direct and indirect impact. 

From air-purifying plants to living walls, flooring, wall decor, acoustic panels, artworks, sound, scent, fabrics and upholstery.

Essentially I am keen to bring biophilic design concepts to my clients projects to improve the indoor air quality, boost occupant mood and productivity whilst reducing stress levels.

What are benefits of biophilic design

We like to categorize the benefits of biophilic design into two broad groups, those related to People and those related to the Planet we inhabit. In terms of our own wellbeing, interior spaces featuring the biophilic design concept have been proven in scientific research studies to reduce anxiety, enhance mood, restore concentration and creativity levels and provide a sense of vitality / nature-connectedness.

True biophilic design techniques use sustainable Design principles in order to minimize its environmental impact to an absolute minimum, to avoid ‘shooting itself in the foot’ effectively!

Cork designer: Transform your home by bringing the outside in

Cork designer: Transform your home by bringing the outside in

Interiors: bringing the outside in to your home office

Interiors: bringing the outside in to your home office

Create a time-out space to relax and reflect

Create a time-out space to relax and reflect


The Best Homes Have Something To Say About The People Who Live In Them.

So, you’re thinking of using an Interior Designer, you have come to the right place. When you work with me, we will work together on a one to one basis.

We will design a timeless space you enjoy spending time in, which will be a reflection of your personality and lifestyle. As part of my service, I can make recommendations to you of tradespeople I have worked with in the past, ensuring you don’t end up in the ‘cowboy zone’.
Together we will create a space(s) that is functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing. We will spend time on determining optimal furniture placement, and selecting decorative items, all while ensuring we work within your budget and timelines.

From our initial consult, to quote, to sourcing of quality products and materials, to styling YOUR space, you will be completely involved in the journey to create your desired outcome.
This consists of a 2 hour* meeting in your home( online available upon request) with you, to discuss how to redesign that area in your home into a well- designed functional space. We will discuss each area of your space, taking YOUR unique needs, YOUR style and YOUR budget into account. We will look at your space and run through the multiple possibilities. What will you get from this consultation:

  • My full range of ideas based on the research that I have conducted based on our initial consultation call and questionnaire. This allows us to make the best and most creative use of our time together.

  • Bespoke design file that is crafted to your exact design style. This will give you confidence seeing your vision into a reality.

  • A list of reliable tradespeople that you can consider hiring for your project. By using this list, you will have the peace of mind knowing that they are a quality service provider. This list is a NO cowboy zone.

As an additional service that many of my clients choose, I also offer a mood board. A mood board can be an additional benefit, used to help you visualise your new space. It consists of a document detailing all the finishes, such as paint, fabrics, textures, flooring, lighting that we will have discussed during the course of the consultation.

Ask me about this on our free initial discovery call. To book Your Discovery Call – to talk about your project click here now. * Depending on the scope or size of project, we may need additional time.

Custom made pieces & interiors for YOU….

If you are looking for something for your home that is a little different, but can’t locate it, did you know I offer the following services as an add on to my Interior Design service. I cater for all styles and budgets.

I can help you source …..

  • Bespoke furniture - this is custom- made furniture that is made to your requirements. It will be made specifically for you and your space, we will have discussed how you want to use it and how you want it to look. Bespoke furniture is a piece of furniture that is created especially for you, making it unique to your home or business. It can mean a clever use of storage to maximise space, or an unusual hand-crafted piece.

  • Lighting - I can help you source any style of pendant lighting, lamps, task lighting you are looking for, for your space. I can save you time and money.

  • Curtains - I stock a wide range of fabric books at my studio which you can view, if you are looking for material for curtains, blinds, upholstery, cushions.

  • Wallpaper - I stock beautiful wallpaper options at my studio for you to view – if you want to create a feature wall with a difference in your home.
My project was a new build with a certain amount of interior design already completed. Maura took my ideas on board and sensitively developed a plan for each room.

I wanted fresh eyes to steer me to create an exceptional, tasteful and functional space. I love the colours, textures and layout options that were suggested. She recommended trades people and kept within a realistic budget.

Maura’s attention to detail was exceptional and kept in mind the overall connection and flow of the house. It was a relaxed experience, it reduced stress and turned what had been a chore into an enjoyable project.

- Rosemary Sexton

  Maura is absolutely amazing! Gorgeous and stunning lady, but so down to earth with tons of practical advice, her approach allowed me to first, find out exactly what I wanted to do with the space I had, secondly, to see that some really fab items were within my reach if I managed my budget right, - but most of all, to fall in love with space again as it no longer looked like a mishmash of items thrown together - instead it was radiating warmth, comfort and style.

Make sure you reach out to Maura to turn your project from dull to fab!! zoom calls, she s got it, colour palettes, she is it, in person consultation or designing the room - she's your go to person. Modern or traditional, sleek or over-sized, lush or sparkly, small space or huge, space that lost it's purpose - let her work her magic and you see the atmosphere bloom again!

- Natalija Sviridova.

I commissioned Maura, from Maura Mackey Design to help us redesign and reimagine our hall, stairs and landing and also our Living Room. Having followed a number of interior designers for over a year on Instagram, I wanted to be sure that the Interior Designer I chose was the right one for us and would work to our style and budget. I chose Maura for all those reasons and more.

Maura has an engaging personality that put me at ease immediately, she is practical but with flair and her amazing eye for style and attention to detail was terrific. I found with Maura, that she takes a lot of time upfront to really listen to you and gets to know what it is what you do and don’t want. When you are trusting someone with your home, this is very important! She was as passionate about our home as much as we were. We were very confident working with her and knew she would deliver the brief. Maura understood completely the type of look we were trying to achieve and she has the ability to see your space in a completely different way, she looked at problem areas and brought out the potential and opportunity – through sometimes small but very clever changes. From the placing of a small ornament or cushion in the right place, to the choice of fabric and wall colours, she encouraged us to be brave. She is quite the genius with colour complements and tones!

I am thrilled to say that we now have a beautiful warm and welcoming hallway to greet us when we come home – all thanks to Maura. As for the living room that was cold and unused, it is now the centre of our home with beautiful warm tones, new fabrics and accessories. Even our painter was blown away by her expertise and colour choice and he now carries her card with him.

I can highly recommend Maura Mackey Design, she delivered over and above our expectations and brought the project to life – all within budget and with minimal stress on my part. Thank you Maura. I hope you have space in your diary for my next project.

- Orla Kelly, Crosshaven

Maura was absolutely brilliant! We initially had a consultation by phone and she then followed up with a short questionnaire for me to complete in advance of her visit. I also provided her with photographs of the room layout etc. This saved a lot of time during our appointment as she already had an idea of what I was looking for and what I needed so was armed with ideas, colour schemes. The questionnaire also helped me fine tune the ideas I had jumping around in my head to more practical ones that suited my room. It also helped me settle on the choice of paint colour and upholstery.

She has kept in touch since to check in on progress. When I wasn't able to source someone for a job she had plenty alternatives lined up. Well worth it. I highly recommend Maura. Professional, personable and awash with fabulous, practical ideas.

- Catriona Power- Little Island


I thrive on giving any house the ‘showhouse’ feel when up for sale or rental from a home staging point of view

I thrive on giving any house the ‘showhouse’ feel when up for sale or rental from a home staging point of view.

Home staging has multiple benefits for you the property owner.
  • According to the 2022 Home Staging report IRL &UK- staged properties sell 3 times faster than un staged properties.
  • Properties that are staged sell for 4-11% more than the asking price.
As a Home Stager – I will prepare your home for the property market by dressing it specifically to entice the desired potential buyers. 

By staging your property, I aim to reduce your property’s time on the market and achieve the best possible price.  I stage REAL homes for REAL people and achieve REAL results, so no matter what size, value or style of your home, my staging technique will really help your home realise its true selling potential.

By staging your home pre-estate agency photography and before it goes on the market.  Prospective buyers will see your property listed looking its best.

The best time to stage your home is pre-estate agent photography and before it goes on the market. Do not worry if your home is already on the market, but has had very little attention, staging later down the line is better than not staging at all. All homes catered for.

Professional staging is the no.1 method to maximise your return if you are considering selling or renting your home or investment property. I am an expert in this field, My staging skills combined with my Interior Design background gives me a unique insight into the specific works required to stage a property, to tailor it to your target audience and maximise your return.

The thought of having to stage a property can be quite daunting. MMD offer a turnkey solution, managing any trades required from painting to tiling, to full fit out- I can stage occupied and un-occupied properties.

The whole process from start to finish is effortless, we’ll work through your appointed agent, leaving you free to move on with your life, whilst we ensure your property is presented in the best possible way and gives you the greatest return available.

I offer 3 types of home staging. All of these options can be discussed on a free discovery call.


This is where I visit your property, do a walkthrough from front door to the back door and give you a report on What needs to be changed, added, to your property for the potential sale. From here, you can take my notes and work on it yourself or I can stage the full property for you.


This is tailored to each client. I can provide as much or as little support as you need to prepare your property for sale- I rent furniture, accessories etc. This also includes- personal shopping and staging time.


Professional assistance with last minute dress your home for viewings


I can supply the following services also – decluttering, painting, plumbing, handyman, gardener, electrician.
  • Staged properties sell 3 times faster than those left not staged.
  • Houses that are staged sell for 4- 11% more than the asking price.
  • By staging your home potential buyers can visualize their future life in your home- Estate agents recommend staging.
  • Stand out online- 95% of house buyers search online for their property make yours stand out from the crowd with professionally staged photos
  • Staging your home is better than a price reduction.
  • Home Staging is tax deductable.
  • I stage occupied and vacant properties- I can either rent furniture for your staging job or buy – that will be client based.
I asked Maura in to stage our house when we put it on the market and she did an amazing job. Maura has a great eye and was able to arrange and present a lot of things we already had in their best light and make them look completely different. Her advice was always sound and she is an absolute pleasure to work with. If you are staging your home for sale or looking at decorating your home I would highly recommend Maura. - Jill O Brien


If you can dream it I can achieve it

So, you’re thinking of starting a new build.  And, if you are anything like my other clients your probably feeling a little overwhelmed right now

Or even confused on how best to proceed.

I can help you – to avoid major pitfalls that are associated with every new build project.

Whether you are at the start of your journey, or at builders finish.

For example-

  • Choosing the right coloured windows/doors
  • Spatial planning
  • Decisions regarding choosing the right flooring/lighting
  • What colours to choose for your space.
  • Kitchen Design

While navigating these potential mis-steps, I can save you thousands in costs and potentially days/months of delays and the general in-convenience of it.

I work with clients to design spaces in a property.

As we both work together on your project, I will show you how to use layers, colours, lighting and textures, to bring cosiness and comfort to your new modern space.

  • How to create the style you like without making costly mistakes.
  • How best to spend your budget from an interiors point of view- what items will add value to your home.
  • How to create a flow in your home- know what works and doesn’t work from an aesthetics point of view.
  • Kitchen Advice- What worktop material to use in your kitchen, colour of units, must have items in this area.
  • Where best to add your laundry room
  • Do you want to have a boot room and a utility room
  • Flooring/Lighting/storage/colour options- that will work in your home
  • Helping to create functional spaces- what works and what doesn’t work from a design point of view for your space.
  • Regardless of your space- I can help you make it feel open, airy, spacious and cosy
  • Spatial planning- I will help you fit what you need for your lifestyle into your space.
  • Biophilic design- bring elements of the outside indoors in your home.
  • We will start with a Discovery Call, where we discuss areas of your project.
  • If I am involved at an early stage- it can include plan review
  • Source and suggest shopping trips for flooring, tiling, lighting, kitchen, furniture etc.
  • Together we will choose a style for your home, that best suit you.
  • I will also help you with spacial design, designing your kitchen space, getting the furniture layout and proportions right.
  • I will help you pick a colour scheme – to create a flow in your home from an aesthetics point of view- from paint to fabrics.
  • I also have access to trades people that you can depend on to get the job done right.
This is a big spend for people! By working with me I can help you spend your money wisely. I REMEMBER DOING THIS MYSELF MANY YEARS AGO AND IT WAS SUCH A DAUNTING TASK, SO MANY DECISIONS TO BE MADE…….. I will guide you on what items add value to your home. We will look at the big areas in the home that need attention. Such as
  • The Kitchen
  • Flooring
  • Lighting
  • Window/door choices
  • Hallway- (your first hello and your last goodbye)
  • Living Room
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms.
Part of the service I provide is to introduce you to tradespeople and shops I work with, who deliver quality workmanship and quality interior products. By working together, we can create an enjoyable and memorable experience for you.

Call me your fairy godmother of your NEW BUILD- if you can dream it I can achieve it.


If this sounds like you then that’s ok

So, your starting a renovation project….

If that’s the case your probably full of excitement at the thought of having a new space in your home that you can enjoy and create new memories.
Likewise, you may also be feeling some fear and a pinch of overwhelm. This is so normal, the clients I have worked with in the past have all had these mixed feelings. You may have fear in relation to

  • Budget- how best to spend your money.
  • Spatial planning- how best to use your space.
  • Reliability of the trades.
  • Colour schemes
  • Kitchen redesign 

And many more….

From my experience, all of my past clients have felt some or all of the above and that’s only natural.

What my clients have found is that working with me has helped them to navigate through all the challenges and pitfalls that typically come up during a renovation/redesign project.

We will work together to design a space that works for your style and exact needs.  By working with me, you will avoid costly mistakes and achieve your ideal vision for your space.

‘Call me your renovation fairy godmother so to speak’

Click here now- to book the start of your renovation journey.

  • How to create the style you like without making costly mistakes.
  • How best to spend your budget from an interiors point of view- what items will add value to your home.
  • How to create a flow in your home- know what works and doesn’t work from an aesthetics point of view.
  • Kitchen Advice- What worktop material to use in your kitchen, colour of units, must have items in this area - to ensure it’s a functional space.
  • Where best to add your laundry room
  • Do you want to have a boot room/utility room/laundry room
  • Flooring/Lighting/storage/colour options- that will give a greater sense of space, layout and design.
  • Creating functional open plan spaces- what works and what doesn’t work from a design point of view.
  • I will be there for you, whatever time it takes to create that perfect vision for your renovation.
  • Source and suggest shopping trips for flooring, tiling, lighting, kitchen cabinets and appliances, furniture, window treatments, bathroom ware that best suit your lifestyle 
  • Together we will choose a style for your home, that best suit you.
  • I will also help you with spacial design, designing your kitchen space, getting the furniture layout and proportions right.
  • I will help you pick a colour scheme – to create a flow in your home from an aesthetics point of view- from paint, fabrics and textiles
  • I also have access to trades people that you can depend on to get the job done right.

I remember doing this myself many years ago.

I capture all of your ideas when we work together, I will take you through my unique 5 step process that ensures we capture all of the ideas you have for your project.

I work with people who are beginning their renovation journey. This is a big spend for people and by working with me I aim to help people spend their money wisely on well designed functional homes that suits their lifestyle.

I will guide you on what items add value to your home, the big area in the home that needs attention-the hub of the home so to speak!

I know what works and doesn’t work from a design point of view, I will introduce you to tradespeople and shops I work with who deliver quality workmanship and quality interior products


Virtual or Face-to-Face

Did you know that most people spend 87% of their time indoors. So, our living spaces can have a huge impact on our mood, well-being and sense of positivity. A lack of colour, texture or pattern can make a property seem lifeless.


Choosing the right colour for your home or property is key to creating the right mood for you. Colour can either make or break a living space. A well tied together colour scheme can really update and transform the look and feel of your space. 

A good colour scheme includes the transition from room to room. Choosing the right paint, furniture and accessories can create a sense of flow. Let’s work together to help bring new life into your space.

Call to action

Let me help you find a colour scheme that works for you, book a complimentary call today.

During our colour consultation we will discuss the colour options that are suitable for your space.

We will discuss haw natural/artifical light is in your room.

Based on that, I will be able to provide solutions that compliment your environment.

  • The client contacts MMD
  • I have a free Discovery Call with the client.
  • A Discovery Call questionnaire is emailed to the client to complete.
  • The completed questionnaire, should be returned to myself along with any applicable photos/videos before the consultation.
  • Once I have received the email from you, I will confirm the date/time for the 1 hour consult.
  • I review the completed questionnaire – taking into account the clients brief and style choices.
  • During our time together, we discuss all areas of colour for this room.
  • I then give a quick recap on what was discussed.
  • I will follow up with you as required.


Create The Perfect Work Environment

A commercial interior design can be a major element of a business’s success.

Commercial interior design is a separate discipline from residential interior design.

Commercial interior design promotes functionality and style, so that your business welcomes all its users into a useful, productive and appealing space, which helps to boost profits.

We will create an environment that is brand related and looks sharp. We will infuse your brand image into your project.

If you are planning a commercial build or redesign and you want to balance an environment that is conducive to productivity and wellbeing, while also keeping it budget friendly, then Maura Mackey Design has the process’s and experience to DELIVER!

My Process Include The Use Of:

  • 3D Visualisation.
  • Biophilic Design- which will allow you to bring elements of the outside in.
  • Using psychology of colour – to ensure a positive influence in the environment, blending your brand and culture into your design.
    Mood board – a visual aid for you to envisage the design ideas.
  • Spatial planning- create a space that will welcome your staff and customers into an appealing environment while also boosting productivity.
  • Ergonomics-

As a commercial interior design company, it is important for us to understand and express the culture and vibe of your company into the environment.

Starting with Maura Mackey workplace design process, we will ‘dig into’ how your company ‘hums’. We can consult with your team and create a commercial design blueprint, that will bring your vision and company into the future.

A flair for who we work with:
  • Commercial office spaces.
  • Retail stores.
  • Beauty/healthcare clinics.
  • Schools.
  • Reception areas.
  • Community centres.
  • Fitness centres.
  • Discovery Call.
  • Map out the workplace design process.
  • Team & customer survey (if required).
  • Creation of project blueprint.
  • Access to tradespeople that you can depend on to get the job done right.

Maura combines creativity and practicality with a "no nonsense" attitude and was great to work with.

We are delighted with the finished product and very proud to bring people to our new offices.

We love the colourful, energetic and youthful space she has created. I can highly recommend Maura. *****















Making Some Seasonal Changes - Without Breaking The Bank

Making Some Seasonal Changes - Without Breaking The Bank


Creating A Beautiful Nursery

Creating A Beautiful Nursery


A Crash Course In Design Styles

A Crash Course In Design Styles